Keiretsu (KCS) Code of Conduct

This is comprehensive document serves as the ethical road map for KCS (P) Ltd and its group entities regular employees. It spells out fundamental ethical principles and highlights resources available to help employees understand and uphold those fundamentals. Organisation reputation is created by the way the people act with clients, colleagues and their communities.

Keiretsu Consultancy Services ("KCS") is a Professional Service Organisation. As professional advisors we help our clients solve complex problems and aim to enhance their ability to build value, manage risk and improve performance.

We take pride in the fact that our services add value by helping to improve transparency, trust and consistency of business processes. In order to succeed, we must grow and develop, both as individuals and as a business. Our core values of Excellence, Teamwork, Leadership and Relationship help us to achieve this growth.

We conduct our business within the framework of applicable professional standards, laws, and regulations together with KCS policies and standards. However, we also acknowledge that these standards, laws, regulations and policies do not govern all types of behaviour. As a result, we also have a Code of Conduct for all KCS employees. This Code is based on our values and it takes them to the next level–demonstrating our values in action and contributing to the KCS Experience.

Each of us at KCS has an obligation to know and understand not only the guidelines contained in the Code, but also the values on which they are based. Knowing and understanding are not enough. We also have an obligation to comply with the letter and spirit of this Code and to help others do the same. As individuals we are encouraged to raise any issues and concerns through appropriate channels.

While the Code provides a broad range of guidance about the standards of integrity and business conduct, no code can address every situation that individuals are likely to encounter. As a result, this Code is not a substitute for our responsibility and accountability to exercise good judgment and obtain guidance on proper business conduct. We are encouraged to seek additional guidance and support from those designated as responsible for business conduct matters. The strength in our organisation is the strength in our collective knowledge and the sharing of that knowledge and experience.

Those who violate the Code or KCS policies and procedures will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal. Disciplinary measures will also apply to anyone who directs or approves infractions or has knowledge of them and does not promptly move to correct them. We are committed to the spirit of cooperation among KCS firms and the pursuit of common business objectives.

Code 1

Upholding the Brand

  • Our clients and colleagues trust KCS based on our professional competence and integrity–qualities that underpin our reputation. We uphold that reputation.
  • We seek to serve only those clients whom we are competent to serve, who value our service and who meet appropriate standards of legitimacy and integrity.
  • When speaking in a forum in which audiences would reasonably expect that we are speaking as a representative of KCS.
Code 2

Behaving Professionally

  • We deliver professional services in accordance with KCS policies and relevant technical and professional standards. We offer only those services we can deliver and strive to deliver no less than our commitments.
  • We compete vigorously, engaging only in practices that are legal and ethical.
  • We meet our contractual obligations, and report and charge honestly for our services.
  • We respect the confidentiality and privacy of our clients, our people and others with whom we do business.
  • We aim to avoid conflicts of interest. Where potential conflicts are identified and we believe that the respective parties’ interests can be properly safeguarded by the implementation of appropriate procedures, we will implement such procedures.
Code 3

Respecting Others

  • We treat our colleagues, clients and others with whom we do business with respect, dignity, fairness and courtesy.
  • We take pride in the diversity of our workforce and view it as a competitive advantage to be nurtured and expanded.
  • We are committed to maintaining a work environment that is free from discrimination, harassment and retaliation.
  • We try to balance work and private life, and help others to do the same.
  • We invest in the ongoing enhancement of our skills and abilities.
  • We provide a safe working environment for our people.
Code 4

Corporate Citizenship

  • We express support for fundamental human rights and avoid participating in business activities that abuse human rights. We act in a socially responsible manner, within the laws, customs and traditions of the countries in which we operate, and contribute in a responsible manner to the development of communities.
  • We aspire to act in a manner that minimises the detrimental environmental impacts of our business operations.
  • We encourage the support of charitable, educational and community service activities.
  • When faced with difficult issues or issues that place KCS at risk, we consult appropriate KCS individuals before taking action. We follow our applicable technical and administrative consultation requirements.
  • It is unacceptable for us to solicit, accept, offer, promise or pay bribes. This prohibition includes facilitation payments unless express pre-approval is obtained.
Code 5

Our Responsibilities

The KCS Code of Conduct defines how we should behave and conduct business in a wide range of settings and situations. It is the responsibility of each of us to follow the Code of Conduct and Keiretsu Consultancy Services policies consistently and appropriately and help others to do so. When non-compliance with our Code of Conduct is reported or otherwise suspected, steps will be taken to investigate and, if appropriate, remedy the situation.

We are encouraged to report and express our concerns and must do so fairly, honestly and respectfully. KCS is committed to protecting individuals against retaliation. People in the reporting line are responsible for addressing issues that are brought to their attention.