Scope of work - Labour litigation services

Legal & Litigation Advisory Services:

Our Legal and Litigation Advisory team provide consultancy on the following area.

Pertaining to employment related issues like overtime, working hours, holidays, transfer, secondment, unauthorized absence, probation, termination of workman and non workman, retrenchment, dismissal, suspension, strike, closure, transfer of business / division, etc.

Statutory benefits like Employees' State Insurance (ESI), Provident Fund (PF), bonus, employment injury, compensation and gratuity, etc.

Tax issues that would have an impact on hiring employees in India.

Contract Management - Negotiations with vendors /contractors and prepared vender agreement, supplier agreement and labour contract etc

Compliance with applicable to labour laws including obtaining registration from the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs for recruitment of Indian workers for overseas projects.

Obtaining timely registrations, licences and filing of returns, seeking exemption under various labour laws and provided legal support for maintenance of regular compliances there under.

Conducting audit on all HR documents including employment contracts, HR/IR related policies, employees hand book, service rules, standing orders, vender agreement (s), registers, and records, etc., from Indian law perspective and preparation of a detailed report containing all compliances, non compliances and suggested measures for corrective action.

Litigations relating to matters such as termination, retrenchment, strike, closure, transfer, recovery claims, general demand, regularization, contract labour, probation, gratuity, bonus and employment injury, etc.

Preparing of appointment letters, employment contracts (temporary, fixed term and regular) and other employment related contracts, non- compete, non - solicitation, confidentiality, intellectual property assignment agreement and indemnity bond, service rules, employee hand books, standing orders and other HR related policies.

Provided assistance with preparing charge sheet, in conducting enquiry and finalization of report, etc.

Advise on seeking approvals from the concerned State Government(s) for employing women in night shifts including drafting of relevant documents in respect thereof, filing applications with the concerned department and regulatory assistance also.

Provided assistance with preparing policy for prevention of sexual harassment at work place including support in constitution of complaints committee and assistance in dealing with cases of sexual harassment (including conducting/participating in enquiries)

Our consultancy services cover the following –

  • Outsourcing agreements
  • Licensing and Franchising
  • Banking and Finance
  • Foreign Direct Investment including company formation and establishment of Indian Subsidiaries for Foreign Companies
  • Immigration laws
  • Dispute resolution mechanisms